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An outstanding, step-by-step multimedia course (more than 150 videos)  where you will learn effective technical analysis that will help you to understand how to trade the crypto markets in a smart way. You will also receive valuable information about blockchain technology and how the entire cryptocurrency industry operates (even "behind the scenes" stuff that no one ever, ever talks about).
Access to a group of professional, practiced traders with years of experience who will actively help you become a better crypto trader and investor (get instruction, validation, tips, feedback and much more!) in real time, as the markets move before your eyes ... our company runs 24/7 and we work HARD for you.
An exciting chat service where you can interact (live) with an enormous community with thousands of friendly and active members  who are constantly sharing strategies, tips and vital information on technical analysis, the best ICOs, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. There are over a million messages already recorded in our system, and you can access every one, spanning back 12 months
Timely signals on when to buy and when to sell the most profitable crypto currencies...  all the work will be done for you (you'll know exactly when to enter and exit a trade and be able to maximize your gains. Our custom designed signals system is simply a work of art and makes trading super easy!
You'll receive curated, distilled information that will give you an advantage… all in one place (the latest news, whitepapers, industry-defined content and more. Our staff are dedicated to the task of finding the right information at the right time - to help you make better trading and investment decisions.
Non-biased, diligent ICO reviews where you'll get professional information on the best ICOs with the most potential.  You'll get important information regarding digital token ICOs conveniently in one chat room and our private membership system.
As an elite group, we are pro-actively searching for promising blockchain technology projects with digital tokens that are outperforming Bitcoin   such as emerging industries with potential, unique services, tools, profitable ideas, incubator participants and more. We do the research, filter and present opportunities.
Our members come from many different industries and have insider knowledge.  These exclusive partnerships have a clear advantage when it comes to sourcing these token projects well before others could -- which will in turn, give you the upper hand compared to other investors.
Our "Blockchain Token Analysis Platform" - As a community, we analyse and dissect interesting projects which are exclusively fuelled by blockchain technology. We process the data through our proprietary and private system, creating an innovative, breakthrough platform defined by external research, technical analysis, fundamental analysis and real-time info not available anywhere else.
Exclusive interviews that give you eagle-eye insight and understanding about the world of crypto - plus world class insider content you simply can't find anywhere else. Blockchain Education is not just a talking shop, but rather a constantly evolving "think tank" with amazing content you just cannot find on other sites.
A monthly newsletter containing recaps with accurate predictions on where the crypto-industry is headed and news on the club -  (you'll be always up-to-date with important information that you need to know). The monthly update videos also keep you abreast of the latest changes in the company and the wider industry.
And much more!

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