Blockchain Education Spam Policy

Anti Spam Policy

KERSAI PTY LTD complies with the internationally recognized “Can Spam Act”, and has adopted strict guidelines to govern the actions of our company, our affiliates and our registered members.

We hate SPAM as much as you, and therefore adopted a policy written that may (in certain conditions), be amended without prior notice, to further comply with U.S. and Australian laws governing unsolicited email (SPAM).

KERSAI PTY LTD does not engage in the practice of buying, selling, sharing, or otherwise exploiting any personal information collected on the website, through our satellite websites, autoresponder/email systems or through online surveys. Further we do not participate in the practice of selling solo advertising e-mails, but may include advertisements in site updates as agreed to in our site terms. These advertisements may appear above, below, or in the sidebar of this blog, updates within email based newsletters, news flashes, affiliate updates, or other KERSAI PTY LTD sponsored opt in e-mails and autoresponder messages.

Affiliate SPAM Policy:

Blockchain Education affiliates and registered members of KERSAI PTY LTD agree to be bound by these SPAM policies.

As an affiliate, or registered member – you may not advertise any portion of using unsolicited e-mails (including purchased leads), where the party receiving such e-mail has not directly opted in to receive “for profit” e-mails from you. You may not post unsolicited advertisements in forums or community based websites, within blog comments or via other electronic communication methods. Promotion of this website is allowed only on websites, forums, and blogs where the author has agreed in writing to allow the posting of advertisements.

This SPAM Policy is legally binding for all affiliates, registered members, account holders and visitors to, and your actions are bound legally by our Terms of Service, and the laws of the United States of America and Australia.

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