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Date: 17th January 2019

From: The desk of Johnathan Paul Regan
Subject: Earn consistent profits trading and investing in cryptocurrency tokens

You've probably heard the hype and seen the buzz. It's almost getting out of control ...

It's in the news, social media, magazines and all over TV ... the hype is everywhere​!
The mainstream media is still talking about 'crypto' and Blockchain technology. 

We're witnessing a revolutionary breakthrough, that's both exciting ... and very lucrative, if you know how to trade.

Right now...  the amount of money invested in the blockchain technology market is a breath-taking $2.4 BILLION (and this figure excludes ICO related revenue). However ... by the time you read this, that amount will have massively increased!

And it's no wonder ...

Everyone is flocking to invest serious amounts of money into cryptocurrency – because it's the future of finance.

Venture capital firms like Digital Currency Group (launched by Barry Silbert -- owner of 48,000+ Bitcoins), Blockchain Capital  (who recently invested $250 Million into blockchain companies), Plug And Play (a heavyweight venture capital company) among others, have seen the true potential of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Other wealthy, visionary investors like the Winklevoss twins (Bitcoin billionaires) and Roger Ver (invested extraordinary money into Ripple, Bitpay and Kraken) have also jumped into this incredibly dynamic, super fast growing industry.

And what if I told you that even traditional banking institutions like Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs are not only interested in, but actively participating in the so called "Blockchain frenzy" that's taking place right now?

Well, it's true. Blockchain Technology represents one of the fastest growing industries of all time!

Ready to learn more? Join the ultimate crypto trading community today ... or keep reading to learn the truth ...

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Luckily for us ... The Blockchain Industry and Trading Cryptocurrency is Not Just For Venture Capital Firms or Investors With Loads of Cash ... This Opportunity
Is Currently Available To EVERYONE!

I'm sure that you've read how regular people -- just like you – suddenly became wealthy in just a short amount of time ... going from zero to hero thanks to Initial Coin Offerings.

And also how many, many others were able to make life-changing money by investing and trading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple or Litecoin.

There are thousands of regular 'Mom & Pop' cryptocurrency success stories ... (plenty from our own community actually!) And these "rags to riches" stories sound enticing ...

After all, who doesn't want to generate life-changing results like this, right? 

But, I'll be completely honest with you.

The Crypto Game Can Be Very Difficult And Dangerous If You Don't Know What You're Doing... And You Could End Up Suffering Heart Breaking Losses!

As I said before, everyone seems to focus on the success stories of people who were smart enough to foresee the immense value that blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies
would bring to the world.

But hardly anyone talks about the soul-crushing losses that inexperienced traders and investors often suffer. Trust me - some people have been burned. Many traders continue to lose money to this very day ...

And that's because they are basically gambling, without a structured and proven approach to cryptocurrency trading. These undisciplined traders make mistakes that we simply avoid ...

They simply "follow the herd", then fall off a financial cliff ... like lemmings.

Sound familiar? If you're ready to join a professional community of traders, then click one of the links below, or keep reading to learn something that took our team years to discover ...

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If You Want To Successfully Invest And Trade Cryptocurrencies, Then You Need The RIGHT Education And A Talented Team of Experienced Traders To Support You On Your Journey

HD Training Videos
Public Chat Messages
Real-Time Assistance

Team Work.

The critical element that enables you to generate profit over and over, trading cryptocurrencies. It's all about leveraging the power of well-researched and effective education, based on a proven trading methodology that actually works..

A trading strategy so effective, it provides an almost unfair advantage over other traders in the market.

A rock solid trading strategy employed by thousands of members ... and that's just ONE piece of the puzzle.

Another is to trade & invest with other cryptocurrency orientated people - motivated individuals just like you.

Because it's common knowledge that those who jump into the crypto world on their own, usually tend to commit more mistakes, and trust me, in this game, mistakes are costly. A few strikes... and you're out.

By interacting and socializing with other traders, you'll have first-hand access to crucial information that can put you in the fast lane to profits. We have members from all over the world with a super diversified collection of trading talent.

So, what if I told you that today you're about to finally get both; results-driven education PLUS access to a community of motivated and talented cryptocurrency traders?

What if I told you that right here, right now... you're about to discover a unique opportunity to dominate the market and make significant gains over and over again? Would you join up immediately? If so, click a link below or keep reading!

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Introducing the #1 Cryptocurrency Training & Trading Community Online

Blockchain Education is the ultimate crypto education platform. It's also 100% unique.

With our help, you will discover a professional trading methodology that helps you master cryptocurrency markets, so you consistently earn money from one of the most volatile asset classes in the world. It's a proven methodology that took us years to create ...

But, that's not all. We're constantly providing tips, tricks, tactics & techniques to help you succeed in this industry and outperform the competition - plus daily signals and calls.

Blockchain Education is a special type of insider community where you interact with top professional traders. These individuals have ample experience and a willingness to take you by the hand and show you the way to crypto profit.

You can ask questions, voice your concerns, get accurate technical analysis charts that predict where coins are heading, get validation and a 2nd opinion, investment feedback, learn tips & strategies from the best traders online and much, much more.

This is also an pro-active community of crypto enthusiasts who share insider information (legally) on hundreds of different coins that have the potential to make you money. Our calls system is second to none!​

Basically, Blockchain Education is the "Swiss Army Knife" of the crypto world -- and it's already helped thousands of traders and investors to make better decisions ... as well as staying a step ahead of the market!

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This Is Just A Tiny Fraction Of
What's Waiting For You Inside...

  • 1
    An outstanding, step-by-step multimedia course (more than 150 videos) where you will learn effective technical analysis that will help you to understand how to trade the crypto markets in a smart way. You will also receive valuable information about blockchain technology and how the entire cryptocurrency industry operates (even "behind the scenes" stuff that no one ever, ever talks about).
  • 2
    Access to a group of professional, practiced traders with years of experience who will actively help you become a better crypto trader and investor (get instruction, validation, tips, feedback and much more!) in real time, as the markets move before your eyes ... our company runs 24/7 and we work HARD for you.
  • 3
    An exciting chat service where you can interact (live) with an enormous community with thousands of friendly and active members who are constantly sharing strategies, tips and vital information on technical analysis, the best ICOs, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. There are over a million messages already recorded in our system, and you can access every one, spanning back 12 months ... it's GOLD!
  • 4
    Timely signals on when to buy and when to sell the most profitable cryptocurrencies... all the grunt work will be done for you (you'll know exactly when to enter and get out of the trade, and be able to maximize your profits!). Our custom designed signals system is simply a work of art and makes trading super easy!
  • 5
    You'll get curated, distilled information that will give you an advantage… all in one place (the latest news, whitepapers, industry-defined content and more. Our staff are dedicated to the task of finding the right information at the right time - to help you make better trading and investment decisions.
  • 6
    Non-biased, diligent ICO reviews where you'll get professional information on the best ICOs with the most potential forget about researching all by yourself, you'll get important information regarding digital token ICOs conveniently in one chat room and our private membership system.
  • 7
    As an elite group, we are pro-actively searching for promising blockchain technology projects with digital tokens that are outperforming Bitcoin, such as emerging industries with TONS of potential, cool services, tools, profitable ideas, incubator participants and more. We do the research, filter and present opportunities.
  • 8
    Our members come from many different industries and have industry insider knowledge. These exclusive partnerships have a clear advantage when it comes to finding these token projects well before the layman could -- which will, in turn, give you the upper hand compared to other struggling investors.
  • 9
    Our "Blockchain Token Analysis Platform" - As a community, we analyze and dissect interesting projects which are exclusively fueled by blockchain technology. We process the data through our proprietary and private system, creating an innovative, breakthrough platform defined by external research, technical analysis, fundamental analysis and real-time info not available anywhere else. 
  • 10
    Exclusive interviews that give you eagle-eye insight and understanding about the world of crypto - plus world class insider content you simply can't find anywhere else. Blockchain Education is not just a talking shop, but rather a constantly evolving "think tank" with amazing content you just cannot find on other sites.
  • 11
    A monthly newsletter containing recaps with accurate predictions on where the crypto-industry is headed and news on the club - (you'll be always up-to-date with important information that you need to know). The monthly update videos also keep you abreast of the latest changes in the company and the wider industry.
  • 12
    And much, MUCH more!

    Ready to join? Click a link below and let's get started!
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Ready to learn more? Click the button below to access a "behind the scenes" tour of the signals/calls system and an exclusive interview with chief analyst and educator, Johnathan Paul Regan

We Have An PROVEN Track Record That No Other Company Can Match!

It's true ... and we invite you to test us ... challenge us ... and decide for yourself.

Our buy and sell recommendations have consistently outperformed the BTC/USD ratio for 12 months straight.

While everyone was throwing up their hands in horror because Bitcoin was plummeting in value, our solid suggestions regarding other money making alt coins produced incredible returns - surpassing Bitcoin's distressing USD performance.

That's right... Bitcoin was bleeding from $19,400 all the way down to $5,800... and our members were (and still are) making massive gains, due to the consistent upward trends of other underrated, under-the-radar alt coins!

And even today, when everybody is nervous and uneasy because Bitcoin’s price has stagnated, we continue to deliver sound advice about when to get in, and out while trading other profitable coins. We do this 24/7!

This is a super-safe way to accumulate profit when Bitcoin is losing ground against the USD dollar.

And this time-tested, battle proven way to trade ... continues to pave the way for even MORE gains for our members once Bitcoin experiences a soaring uptrend again!

So, you might well be thinking: "That's awesome, but how do you guys achieve all this?"

The answer is surprisingly simple:

We have a prolific, experienced and professional team with an incredibly diverse skill set. We know what we are doing.

  • Full time teachers with years of trading experience
  • Chartered accountants & a dedciated financial controller
  • Seasoned and smart technical and fundamental analysts
  • check
    Dedicated content analysis, writing & research staff members
  • check
    A team of talented full-stack programmers based in Sri Lanka
  • check
    "Geeky" mathematicians, QA officers & nerdy data scientists
  • check
    Quantitative analysts & Pinescript algorithm designers
  • check
    A diligent and motivated CEO with 20+ years experience
  • check
    An experienced and crypto aware legal team for due dilligence
  • check
    A motivated, welcoming and ever-curious community of traders
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Professionals doing a professional job.

And that's not all...

We also have strong "behind-the-scenes" partnerships with some of the "big boys" in the industry... including contractual agreements with Circle (majority owned by the mighty Goldman Sachs, and a recent buyer of Poloniex, the 14th largest Bitcoin exchange in the world.)

The CEO and CTO have deep relationships with the owners of several Australian exchanges and we maintain working relationships with other Fortune-500 companies, as well as corporate decision makers.

As if that wasn't enough, we also have special, exclusive partnerships that unfortunately we can't discuss due to non-disclosure agreements. All sneaky-sneaky stuff ... this industry is simply incredible!

As you may know, if you want to be successful in this fast-changing and thriving industry, you have to be "connected" and have first-class contacts... which gives us (and you too once you become a member) the upper hand, as we come armed with CRUCIAL, advantageous information.

As you can see, this is not a one-man operation, but rather a dedicated team of skilled and enthusiastic professionals from many different backgrounds. 

With ONE single objective in mind:

To provide you the BEST education & information so you can finally be successful in the crypto and blockchain industry!

BLOCKCHAIN EDUCATION Is Something Different ... No-One Else Does What We Do!

If you look around, you'll see tons of bogus, money-draining "pump and dump" groups where desperate traders fall victim to con artists who artificially inflate the prices of certain coins.

Only to sell when they make a profit and let the price drop like a stone, causing people to incur serious losses. Well, this is something VERY different to that.

First, Blockchain Education is a platform regulated by the Australian Government and the ADCA (Australian Digital Commerce Association). These organizations and several others have met personally with our staff, conducted due diligence and requested a deep level of information that would scare most companies.

No scammy "pump and dump" group can claim that... and neither can some of the websites which give faulty signals meaning that people end up losing money. We are a legitimate training company that provides tools, tactical information, signals and a proven methodology to trade cryptocurrency.

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BLOCKCHAIN EDUCATION is the answer ...

We are a REAL company, with real employees, a positive cash flow, a knowledgeable, rock-solid management, fruitful partnerships and a passion to do things right. And what's even more important:

We have a crystal-clear vision with precise goals for the future and a remarkable track record! (Seriously, you can ask our satisfied members and they'll tell you that we’ve delivered massive value since day one... and we continue to do so, day after day). We could list thousands of testimonials on this sales page ... but we want you to ask our members instead.

Blockchain Education is a unique concept that will undoubtedly make you a better crypto-investor and trader... you'll be able to cut the learning process in half, while avoiding typical mistakes that most traders commit.

You'll develop a clear understanding of how the blockchain and crypto markets work, because we provide important and actionable information that helps you make money.

And once you have this crystal-clear, powerful understanding ... generating a consistent income stream from cryptocurrencies becomes an easy task ... and no longer a nerve-wracking challenge.

If You're Still Sitting On The Fence, Here Are
12 More Important Reasons Why You Should Become A Blockchain Education Member

  • check
    This is an exciting and irreplaceable on-going educational opportunity which means that you'll save TONS of time and money when you decide to become part of our family (it's well-known that if you go the "traditional" route and learn these skills in university or in other formal education settings you can expect to pay prohibitive fees and it will take several years to achieve your goals... with Blockchain Education, you'll have none of these problems.)
  • check
    In just months, you'll have all the necessary skills that will take you beyond the realms of blockchain and cryptocurrencies and extend to the financial and technological industries -- forget about slaving away in a dead-end 9-5 job that will lead you nowhere... and also forget about traditional educational routes where you will only learn a fraction of what we present.
  • check
    The Blockchain Education team and community provide open, transparent, collaborative training, that's entirely flexible, relevant and timely... Our training videos are constantly updated and revised, the content in our super-active chat site is always fresh and in synch with the beating heart of this industry. In other words, the training delivered and the goals of the group in general are 100% adaptive. Blockchain Education is not a rigid, structured, hierarchical educational program... it's open ended, fluid and original. You'll love it!
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  • check
    If you're seeking employment in this industry, then you'll get all of the knowledge and tools that you need in order to land a high-paying job in the crypto and blockchain field (all the technical analysis, charts and the fundamental news cycle that you have access to will be the equivalent of "in-the-field" job training.
  • check
    This is not a "buy-this-buy-that" kind of service -- It's MUCH more. We fully explain the reasons behind why we do what we do, and also the powerful methodology that's fueled by our thorough, proven research process. You'll be able to take this valuable information and run with it to create your own path to success.
  • check
    Get exposure to well-researched, eye-opening blockchain technology and cryptocurrency information that will put you in a VERY advantageous position right from the start (in just 12 months from now you could be in a very privileged position since this industry is going to get 10x BIGGER!)
  • check
    We have an impeccable reputation amongst our peers (important players) in the blockchain and crypto sphere, which gives our members a status that will open many doors, a status that not many people can achieve. Case in point: not long ago major exchanges were limiting the massive influx of new registrations... while our members were able to create new accounts on the exchanges without a problem... JUST because they're part of Blockchain Education! (This is just one tiny example of the MANY, MANY advantages that you'll enjoy when you join us.)
  • check
    This industry is chaotic and it can be a bit like the "wild wild West" where unsuspecting newcomers get fleeced lightning-fast. Rumors, inaccurate facts and distorted news mean people can lose their shirts in a flash. In Blockchain Education we have a B.S. filter that will help you to decipher the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) and make impactful decisions.
  • check
    You'll be able to react faster than other market participants thanks to our insider connections, breadth of experience and the community that will dissect events in real time, separating the important facts from the unnecessary clutter (you'll be “in the know” about everything that's going on: manipulation, liquidation of shorts and longs, government regulation and much more.
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  • check
    This is an exciting environment of crypto experts - a mixed bunch from all over the world. A private, paid and cutting edge community with just one agenda ... to make money trading crypto. If you love this stuff like us ... then you will LOVE this community and will never leave.
  • check
    With the right guidance, you can generate tens of thousands of dollars in short time, trading the most volatile and lucrative investment asset class on the planet.  And our staff and other members are ready to help you do it ...
  • check
    The Blockchain Education system includes automated tools to make your life easier... This helps you find coins, enter them, trade and invest and make more money faster!

Would You Like To Find Out
What It's All About… RISK FREE?

I'm sure that by now you are excited by the endless possibilites that are within reach.

After all, boundless opportunities are being unveiled to you right here.

Now, I understand that you might be a little bit skeptical, and I totally understand.

After all, with so many scammers and storytellers out there, it is hard to believe what people say.

But, in order to show you that we stand 100% behind Blockchain Education and that our entire team wholeheartedly believes in the terrific value we provide ... we want you try Blockchain Education RISK FREE.

This is how it works .... first ... go ahead and join today ...

Check it out and have a really thorough look at the whole platform and what we have to offer (a great, insightful multimedia course with more than 150 videos, the chat system and the community with thousands of members looking to interact with you, the "calls" mechanism that will provide you with entry & exit alerts of pinpoint accuracy and more...)

Take your time and familiarize yourself with our platform and see with your own eyes how powerful and pivotal it can be for your future trading success...

You have 7 days to test drive everything.

If during that week you're not satisfied (very unlikely) you only have to send us an email asking for a refund and you'll get your money back. With this no-questions-asked 7-day money-back guarantee, there's no risk whatsoever and there's absolutely nothing to lose. We have dedicated support staff and a rock solid relationship with Paypal and Stripe (our credit card processing partners).

Don't Hesitate A Single Minute...
You're Just A Few Clicks Away From 
Becoming A Professional Crypto Trader!

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A Word Of Warning, Though...

Regardless of the plan you choose, the price right now is extremely low.

In fact, once you get access to the members' area, you’ll see why most of our members stay with us for a long time...

And why some of them keep telling us that we're literally giving this away.

That's because you have the necessary tools to jumpstart your cryptocurrency trading and investing career, all in one place … the number one source for blockchain and crypto education.

But, I have to be blunt with you.  The price is going to be dramatically increased very soon.

Since we're constantly growing by hiring more people for our team and offering more services, we've got to charge more for this. It might be a matter of a few days or a few weeks.

So, you have to take action right now if you don't want to end up paying more than other people... just something to consider while you're deciding whether to join or not.

My suggestion is that you jump in right now, while you can... while this generous offer is still on.

You could make back the amount spent many times by applying all the effective crypto-trading and investment strategies that we have for you! So, select the package that works for you and get started NOW!

Finally ... I'd like to thank you for taking the time to read this!

I hope to see you on the inside!

Johnathan Paul Regan

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P.S.: It's not just about making money trading crypto ... it's about saving money. About avoiding the mistakes. Doing things correctly and establishing a proper understanding of what the hell is going on ...

Q) Do you accept cryptocurrency?

A) Yes, we accept all major cryptocurrency and we will manually process your order. This may cause a delay of up to 12 hours. Payment via cryptocurrency is available for annual or lifetime founder packages. If you would like to lock in an annual price, then you can pay for several years in advance using cryptocurrency.

Q) I have an important question - how do I contact you?

A) Send an email to: or open up a support ticket, contact us through the live chat system, or visit our corporate website: Blockchain Finance. (Please note - questions should relate to this education program. We 100% do not provide cryptocurrency trading advice through our support desk, even for members)

Q) Can I upgrade to a different membership level later?

A) Yes, although our fees will most certainly increase. The current price for our membership reflects our early entry into this market. Blockchain Education is currently hiring the best content producers, influencers, traders, accountants, developers and attorneys in the space. Our short term goal is to increase our minimum monthly fee to $497. If you pay through cryptocurrency, you can take advantage of our low entry fees to lock in your rate several years in advance.

Q) Who are you and why should I trust you?

A) "Blockchain Education" represents the educational division of Blockchain Finance, a 100% fully owned private Australian company, regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ACN: 620 503 031). Advice, chat room moderation online training is provided by a team of experienced traders, developers & blockchain specific entrepreneurs, led by Johnathan 'New Questions' Regan, co-founder of Blockchain Finance.

Q) I'm unsure - what membership level should I get?

A) If you're pretty new and want to learn - then invest in a monthly membership. It's a superb way to start! Log into the chat room and starting asking new questions. The answers are sure to amaze you! You're going to learn how to earn. If you believe in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, then purchase an annual membership.

If you plan on making money by trading crypto, investing, participating in ICOs and early venture rounds, or if you have an interest in mining, master-nodes, margin lending or other blockchain specific systems - then buy an annual package. You will save over 30% per year as a member!

Q) Will you secure my details and transactions?

A) Yes, we accept Paypal, all major credit cards via Stripe and cryptocurrency. You can also send a wire transfer to our corporate merchant account. Please contact support or send an email to for any non-automated payment arrangements. Please note: all transactions are encrypted and outsourced to payment providers with impeccable service records.

We do not store your credit card details. We value your privacy, We will not spam you. We abide voluntarily by FTC rules and by participating in our education program you agree to abide by our terms of service.

Q) Am I going to make $10,000 this week?​

A) Perhaps you will ... however, that would be entirely the result of your OWN actions - possibly based on educational content we provide. Please note - our company does not take custody of your funds, and although cryptocurrency is not yet considered an investment instrument under Australian law ... our lawyers still asked us to include an impressive 'content' disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

Q) My friends want to join. Can they get a discount?

That's fantastic! Take advantage of our low early entry prices, or use a coupon to reduce your membership rate.

Our affiliate program is open by invitation only. If you would like to refer other people to this program and earn money in the process - then contact support or send an email to

Q) You look tired in your sales video - are you getting enough sleep?

A) Glad you asked ... the answer is NO. That's one of the side effects of trading in the cryptocurrency industry - we run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including public holidays. (We train additional staff members regularly!)

Q) Can I visit you?

A) Sure - by appointment only thanks. We are often very busy, but we do make exceptions for annual and lifetime members. Come and see us in person on the Gold Coast, in Queensland, Australia. Simply contact us to arrange an appointment in advance :)

Financial Disclaimer:

The content prepared and presented on this website by Blockchain Finance Pty Ltd, is strictly for general information and educational purposes only and is not (and cannot be construed or relied upon as) personal advice nor as an offer to buy /sell or subscribe to any of the financial products mentioned herein. 

No investment objectives, financial circumstances or needs of any individual have been taken into consideration in the preparation or delivery of this content. Financial products are complex, entail risk of loss, may rise and fall, and are impacted by a range of market and economic factors.

 You should always obtain professional advice to ensure trading or investing in such products is suitable for your circumstances, and ensure you obtain, read & understand applicable offer documents.

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