Blockchain Education - FAQ
1Q) Do you accept cryptocurrency?
A) Yes, we accept all major cryptocurrency and we will manually process your order. This may cause a delay of up to 12 hours. Payment via cryptocurrency is available for annual or lifetime founder packages. If you would like to lock in an annual price, then you can pay for several years in advance using cryptocurrency.
2Q) I have an important question - how do I contact you?
A) Send an email to: [email protected] or open up a support ticket, contact us through the live chat system, or visit our corporate website: Kersai. (Please note - questions should relate to this education program. We 100% do not provide cryptocurrency trading advice through our support desk, even for members)
3Q) Can I upgrade to a different membership level later?
A) Yes, although our fees will most certainly increase. The current price for our membership reflects our early entry into this market. Blockchain Education is currently hiring the best content producers, influencers, traders, accountants, developers and attorneys in the space. Our short term goal is to increase our minimum monthly fee to $497. If you pay through cryptocurrency, you can take advantage of our low entry fees to lock in your rate several years in advance.
4Q) Who are you and why should I trust you?
A) "Blockchain Education" represents the educational division of Kersai, a 100% fully owned private Australian company, regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ACN: 643 040 644). Advice, chat room moderation online training is provided by a team of experienced traders, developers & blockchain specific entrepreneurs.
5Q) I'm unsure - what membership level should I get?
A) If you're new and want to learn - then invest in a monthly membership. It's a superb way to start! Log into the chat room and start asking new questions. The answers are sure to amaze you! You're going to learn how to earn. If you plan on making money by trading cryptocurrency, investing, participating in ICOs and early venture rounds, or if you have an interest in mining, master-nodes, margin lending or other blockchain specific systems - then buy an annual package. You will save over 30% per year as a member!
6Q) Will you secure my details and transactions?
A) Yes, we accept Paypal, all major credit cards via Stripe and cryptocurrency. You can also send a wire transfer to our corporate merchant account. Please contact support or send an email to [email protected] for any non-automated payment arrangements. Please note: all transactions are encrypted and outsourced to payment providers with impeccable service records. We do not store your credit card details. We value your privacy, We will not spam you. We abide voluntarily by FTC guidelines and by participating in our education program you agree to abide by our terms of service.
7Q) Am I going to make $10,000 this week?​
A) Perhaps you will ... however, that would be entirely the result of your OWN actions - possibly based on educational content we provide. Please note - our company does not take custody of your funds, and although cryptocurrency is not yet considered an investment instrument under Australian law ... our lawyers still asked us to include an impressive 'content' disclaimer at the bottom of this page.
8Q) My friends want to join. Can they get a discount?
A) That's fantastic! Take advantage of our low early entry prices, or use a coupon to reduce your membership rate. Our affiliate program is open by invitation only. If you would like to refer other people to this program and earn money in the process - then contact support or send an email to [email protected]
9Q) Can I visit you?
A) Sure - by appointment only thanks. We are often very busy, but we do make exceptions for annual and lifetime members. Come and see us in person on the Gold Coast, in Queensland, Australia. Simply contact us to arrange an appointment in advance :)

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